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Rooms for Rent in Toronto for Under $500

Below we've compiled a listing of Toronto rooms renting for between $350 and $500 per month. Note that Toronto is an expensive city, so these listings should be given extra scrutiny:

  • If it's 'too good to be true,' it likely is.
  • Perform proper checks, including visiting the room in person, before providing any rent money or detailed personal information.
  • If the lister claims to be out of the country, it's a scam.
  • If the lister will only communicate with you via one method, consider it a scam.
  • If the lister directs you to another website to sign up, it's a scam.
  • If there are not detailed photos of the room and apartment, question it.
Rooms for rent at this price point will mostly be far from downtown - or, if downtown, will likely be extremely small rooms and/or apartments (or have many people sharing a bathroom and kitchen). Some of the listings below may be quoting something other than monthly pricing (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly), so read descriptions carefully.

MEDIUM SIZE ROOM- [with Large Walk-in Closet] In (partly) Student, Co-Operative Building. SHARE Apartment with ONE other: MALE "First and Last" Months Rent: 499 per Month (ALL Utilities included) ... - Posted 5 October 2021 @ 1:03 pm

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