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Looking to live with a roommate in Toronto? is your online guide to finding a suitable shared accommodation in the city of Toronto. This site organizes online roommate listings in multiple ways, and also provides links to other roommmate sites and resources.

Toronto Roommate Listings

Whether you're looking for 'anyone', a specific type of roommate, or to live in a specific Toronto neighbourhood, try the listings below:

Toronto Roommate Sites

In addition to our roommate listings, check out the following web sites that bring Toronto roommates together. Whether you're a college student, university student or in the working world, living with a roommate can help you live affordably in Toronto.

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Toronto Roommate Rental Information

Are you an informed renter? Below are some statistics about apartment rentals in Toronto.

  • The vacancy rate for Toronto was 1.4%, as of Fall 2017 [source: CMHC].
  • The average rent for a two bedroom in Toronto was $1,425, as of Fall 2017 [source: CMHC]. Thus, sharing an 'average' two bedroom apartment in Toronto with a roommate you're looking at around $715 each (but expect to pay quite a bit more downtown -- likely no less than $1,000 per person - and more as well if you rent a condo versus a rental apartment).
  • Landlords in Ontario can legally raise the rent for existing tenants 1.5% in 2017.

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Potential Roommate Questionnaire

Once you've found some potential roommates, use this helpful roommate questionnaire to weed out those roommates and/or apartments that won't fit with your lifestyle. It's better to get these questions answered ahead of time to avoid a potentially disastrous roommate experience. This won't guarantee you won't get the 'roommate from hell', but it should help lessen those chances. We'll make this available in a more printable format shortly.

Questions to ask, or find answers to, before agreeing to be a roommate:

  • Sleeping habits: Early riser? Night owl? Light sleeper?
  • Music habits: Likes to crank their music? If so, what type?
  • Friends: Friends or family over all the time? Frequent parties? Have boyfriends/girlfriends stay over? If so, any 'rules'?
  • Cleanliness: Wash their dishes immediately? Is there a dishwasher? How often is the bathroom cleaned? Is there a schedule for this or just whenever required?
  • MORE »

» View the entire Roommate Questionnaire.

Hope these roommate tips and information help!


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