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Rental Prices in Toronto for Two Bedroom Apartments

If you're sharing an apartment in Toronto most likely you're sharing a two bedroom apartment. What can you expect to pay for a two bedroom apartment in Toronto? The information below should give you a good idea.

CMHC Survey

CMHC produces an annual survey of landlords and their October 2018 survey produced the following results for two bedroom apartments in the city of Toronto. Keep in mind, these rental rates do not include condo rentals (which would be higher than typical apartment prices). Also worth noting, these rates may be lower than you see advertised as they include what people are currently paying for their apartment - which is different than what the apartment would rent for when it becomes available. As expected, the closer you would like to live to downtown Toronto, the more you will pay.

On average, across the entire city of Toronto, those sharing a two bedroom apartment pay around $750 each per month - with downtown being around $1090 each per month. View rates for various sections of Toronto:

  • Entire city of Toronto: $1500/month
  • Former city of Toronto: $1830/month
  • Downtown Toronto: $2175/month
  • North York: $1440/month
  • Etobicoke: $1360/month
  • East York: $1390/month
  • York: $1510/month
  • Scarborough: $1255/month
The same survey noted that the vacancy rate in Toronto is less than 1%.

Other Sources

As mentioned, the CMHC survey above tends to present rental rates lower than what you may see advertised. The sources below may provide a more 'real world' view of what apartments are priced at.

Two bedroom apartment rents, as reported by other sources:


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